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Cash Carrying case design to your requirements

Cash carrying cases can be designed to your specific requirements

Any case can be made into a Proximity case where the user has a transmitter worn on their belt and if the case goes outside the specified range it will alarm and after a set time activate the ink or smoke or even both. This option also has a panic transmitter that will over ride the system and automatically activate the case.

Another option can be surface protection so if the case is tampered with it will automatically activate whatever you decide to be the staining device. This option also comes with a panic transmitter allowing the user to press if an offender runs off with the case.

Another option is to have a lanyard worn buy the user so if the case is snatched away it automatically alarms and activates the staining device.

We use industry standard staining ink which permanently stains the money/contents making it unusable. 
Red smoke dye is very popular for causing a cloud of red smoke drawing attention to the offender along with staining the contents.

All out systems have audible warnings in excess of 110db drawing as much attention to the offender as possible.

Tracking the cash case is every increasing and with our secure log in web site you can remotely view where the case has been along with times and trails and download reports for your records. Please ask for a demonstration of how much tracking has changed with GPS and GSM.

Please let us know what your requirements are and we will have a solution for you.



  • Cash Carrying case design to your requirements
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