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Large Cash Carrying Flight Case with built in Tracker

Manually Activated Cash Carrying Flight Case with 130db Sounder, Xenon Flashing Strobe also with built in tracker

Product Features

This case was designed to carry large amounts notes and coins
It is manually activated by a lanyard pull that the user can wear round their wrist
In the event of theft the sounder is extremely loud (130db) and the flashing strobe draws a lot of attention to the offender
This case has two wheels and a telescopic handle for easy transport


The internal dimensions are approx 430mm x 290mm x 160mm


The sounders operate off two 9V PP3 Batteries, these will not require replacing for atleast a year as they are not in use while the lanyard is fitted

Tracking Specifications

This case has a built in tracker for easy locating of the case by accessing our web site tracking page
This has a rechargeable battery fitted and can give locate positions from every 5 seconds depending on the users requirements


As with all of our products they can be adjusted to your requirements incase you did not require tracking, Xenon etc


  • Large Cash Carrying Flight Case with built in Tracker
  • Large Cash Carrying Case
  • Large Cash Carrying Case2

Further Details

Product Code: MA12

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