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Magnetic Mounted Tracker

Magnetic mounted tracking system

Product Features

This is one of our most popular tracking units. 

The case is water proof and fitted with high power magnets allowing you to fit to the underneath of a moving car/vehicle.
Using our tracking web site you will be able to locate exactly where the tracker is positioned.

This can be fitted with a long life battery and motion sensor meaning the mag mount can be deployed for a long period of time with little maintenance. When motion is detected the tracker will turn on and also send a text message to a setup mobile phone notifying you the tracker is moving.

There are lots of functions allowing you to change the transmission settings, battery report etc.

Tracking Specifications

Our tracking web site gives you detailed positioning with breadcrumbs showing you where the tracker is at set intervals throughout the day. This is from as little as every 5 seconds up to 4 minutes.
Daily reports are available along with a downloadable report.

Ideal for private investigators through to haulage companies.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.



  • Magnetic Mounted Tracker
  • Magmount

Further Details

Product Code: Mag1

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